Yuru Camp Season 2: Officially returning back for the second season.The entire review is here

Yuru Camp Season 2 Officially returning back for the second season. The entire review is here

Yuru Camp Season 2 update:-The famous anime series which has been able to win the hearts is coming back. The Laid Back Camp was initially released long back ago in 2018. The season 2 of the show is returning back after so many years and its renewal has been finally announced. Director Yoshiaki Kyoungoku is the supervisor of this project. However it is not clear who is going to direct the project.

When can we expect for Yuru Camp Season 2?

When can we expect for Yuru Camp Season 2

The Yuru Camp Season 2 has been officially confirmed. The release date of the show has been fixed in the winters of 2021. Although, the exact date of release is yet to be fixed, but in 2021 the season 2 will be coming. The announcement of the season 2 of the show was made way back in October 2018. The underlying reason for delay was the Yuru Camp manga series wasn’t providing with enough source material.

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However, it slightly comes as a very little surprise about the renewal of this show. It usually takes at least 3000 copies to be sold for the renewal of the season 2. Owing to the great popularity of the show and also the streaming service like Crunchyroll the revenue collection was enormous.

What can we expect from season 2 of Yuru Camp?

The initial announcement of the season 2 of Yuru Camp involved a movie of Yuru Camp and also a short series with short anime episodes called Heya Camp which was premiered on January 6, 2020. With the New Year around the corner, the girls of the Outdoor Exploration Club try to decide which holiday destination they want to choose. They are conflicted between the sunrise on the ocean or above the Mt. Fuji. However, Rin has something up for them and wants to try them when they all get struck by an enormous snowstorm.

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The winter trails are about to begin in the season with their next trip to Lake Yamanaka. Positive news is Inuko, Aki, and Ena have gained slight knowledge about camping. But how the freezing storm is going to affect them is completely unknown to them.

Season 2 is going to show another area of complexity where they will be subjected to more severe problems. However, it is completely unknown what is going to happen next. As a result of which we need to wait a little longer.

Where can be the English translation of Yuru Camp be found?

The official English translation was released by Yen Press which is not too far away from the Japanese release. The volume 8 of Laid Back Camp was also made available in paperwork form on March 17, 2020. While on the other hand, the digital ebook version is available on Amazon, Book Walker, Google Play, etc.