Warrior Nun Season 2: Netflix has approved the upcoming season  

Warrior Nun Season 2: Netflix has approved the upcoming season  

Warrior Nun Season 2 update:-Netflix has been taking new ventures and has been extremely notorious in incorporating more sarcasm into its show. This is yet another series with pun intended which has been turned into a huge success. Warrior Nun has been a huge hit and also one of the most watched series on Netflix. The story revolves around a young orphan named Ava, who wakes up in the middle of a morgue. Sacred and lonely she finally gets rescued by a group of Warrior Nun. This group has sworn to protect the world against the demonic forces.

Is there going to be a Warrior Nun Season 2?

Is there going to be a Warrior Nun Season 2
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Well! To all the folks who have been waiting. Yes! It has been officially confirmed by Netflix the streaming platform that Warrior Nun has been granted the renewal status. The show which has taken it’s place among the top 10 most viewed shows on Netflix has been a huge hit. Fans are also eagerly waiting for season 2 of the show. On August 19, the news was dropped in by the show runner Simon Berry on twitter,

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“Just in case you needed a lil sunbeam of positivity in your day: watch the Warrior Nun cast get the news that they’ve been renewed for a second season.”

There might be some delay in the release of the season 2 of the show due to the global pandemic but we can highly expect the show to get released by the second half of 2021. The safety protocols will also be maintained in the set which can cause some delay in the show. But that is going to be a wait of few months.

What are the possible hints for the season 2 of the show?

The cast members in different interviews have dropped hints about the future of the show. Toya Turner has informed,

“After you watch the series, you’ll be like, oh, they’re going to go further on this.”

Alba Baptisa in an interview has stated,

“I love Adriel’s character. I think she’s so dense and he has a lot of layers to his story, which we will discover further on.”

She later further stated that season 2 might add more wilderness into her character.

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As of now there hasn’t been any information about the plot of season 2 of the show. But we can expect that season 2 is going to be the continuation of the previous season. We need to wait a little longer because it is very early to state anything about the plotline of the next season.

Who is going to return back for the cast of Warrior Nun Season 2?

We can definitely expect the majority of the cast of season 1 to be returning back for the season 2. Alba Baptista as Ava Silva, Toya Turner as Sister Mary, Thekla Reuten as Jillian Salvius, Lorena Andrea as Sister Lilith, Kristina Tonteri Young as Sister Beatrice, Tristan Ulloa as Father Vincent, and finally Olivia Delcan as Sister Camila.