Unsolved Mysteries Part 2: Netflix is coming up with the next part this October

Unsolved Mysteries Part 2 Netflix is coming up with the next part this October
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Unsolved Mysteries which has been rebooted back by Netflix and has a spectacular show to binge watch. When the first installment of the show was released back in July 2020 it became an instant hit. About 20 years back the show Unsolved Mysteries was wrapped up by NBC and CBC. However, Netflix has decided to reboot the show and has introduced 12 new episodes. The producers of the show are Terry Dunn Meurer, John Cosgrove, and the entire team of Stranger Things.

When are Unsolved Mysteries going to be released?

The Unsolved Mysteries was launched on Netflix on July 1, 2020. The first six episodes were launched back then and the show decided to drop the next six episodes after a small break. However, the release date of the launching for the next six episodes have also been fixed. The part 2 of Unsolved Mysteries has been scheduled to get launched on October 19, 2020.

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So for all the fans who have been waiting eagerly and patiently, we have good news for you. The wait is going to be over soon. The next season episodes are coming up real soon for the audience to enjoy yet another part of the amazing plot and mystery.

What does Unsolved Mysteries deal with?

The Unsolved Mystery’s original version ran between 1987 to 1999. The series comprised 9 seasons in total and over the course of time, it explored several varieties of unsolved mystery cases. Shawn Levy The executive producer of Stranger Things with a joint venture with Netflix has launched yet another new season of the two decade old show with 12 new episodes.

The new episodes are expected to range over variety of possible outcomes and mysteries. On the huge broad of the spectrum, the episodes can deal with the traumatic experience of mysterious disappearance, losing loved ones, the mysterious murders, and even some paranormal activities.

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With detectives and journalists and families who are completely devastated and offering their help to find out the root of the mystery have been greatly appreciated by the fans.

It is highly expected that among the next six episodes one of the episodes is going to deal with paranormal activity. It has also been confirmed that one of the episodes is going to be about an unusual ghost episode.

Cast Of Unsolved Mysteries

Each episode of the show deals with different stories and different individuals. Therefore there is a number of individuals who are a part of the cast of the show.


The trailer of the show is available. For the audience to have not watched the show yet the first six episodes are available on Netflix.