Trinkets Season 3: Has the show been canceled? Get the latest updates here

Trinkets Season 3 Has the show been canceled Get the latest updates here
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Trinkets is a teenage drama series that was launched on the giant streaming platform of Netflix. Fans who are eagerly waiting to know whether the show will be returning back for the next season or not we have some updates for you. The show which has been among the top 10 most watched series on Netflix has some updates. But the news that we are carrying is rather a bit disappointing. The show has been canceled and season 2 of the show is going to be the last season.

When is Trinkets Season 3 releasing?

When is Trinkets Season 3 releasing

Netflix has officially confirmed that the show won’t be returning back for season 3. Netflix has wrapped up the show after season 2. Season 2 is going to be the last season. There have been several speculations going around for Netflix canceling one of the most popular shows. However, the reason for cancellation is completely different than we think it to be.

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The creators of the show are rather happy that the show has finally come to an end. The show hasn’t ended abruptly and it is not ending because of the low viewerships. It has ended because the creators of the show have decided to wrap up and tie the loose ends of the show. They are rather happy that the show has come to an end in a proper manner and not forcefully.

What is the show of Trinkets?

The show Trinkets is based on the novel which has been written by Kristen Smith having the same name. Netflix gave a synopsis stating that the show is based on three teenage girls who are coming from different corners and parts of the school cafeteria. The three build up a strange unfamiliar and surprising friendship among themselves.

The story focuses on three female protagonists namely Elodie that is played by Brianna Hildebrand who is the grieving misfit. Then Moe played by Kiana Madeira who is the mysterious outsider. Lastly, it is Tabitha that is played by Quintessa Swindell who gives the picture of an imperfect perfectionist. However, the fate of the three students evolves when they find finally found comfort with each other and finally found strength among each other. If with the help of each other they are able to negotiate with their family problems and also the drama of high school. The complicated lifestyle which they have been longing to get break free from becomes slightly tolerable with the company of each other.

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Where is the show available?

The two seasons of the show are completely available on Netflix which can be binged watched.