The Walking Dead season 10: finale finally gets release date after coronavirus delay

The Walking Dead season 10 finale finally gets release date after coronavirus delay

Let me introduce first about this series. this series is rated a fairly high it by the IMDb . This is an American series in which apocalyptic horror is shown it was first released in 2010.

Was released by the ABC. TV series is based on comic books. it revolves around the lives of zombie apocalypse.

The novel called The walking dead was written by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore.10 Seasons and 146 episodes of the series that was released in the US.


 The walking dead Season 10 Update

 The walking dead Season 10 Update

 All the seasons from 1 to 10 have been very highly rated on ABC TV. The walking dead is one of the most favorite series of a zombie apocalypse. The network released information that the 16th episode is the finale episode of season 10 of The walking dead. it is called “a certain Doom”. the trailer for the season was released on YouTube. it was going to premiere on the ABC TV but due to coronavirus break the release was postponed

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When will the finale episode release?

The first episode of season 10 of The walking dead was premiered on 6th October 2019.

Second on 13th October

The third was on 20 October

fourth 27th October 2019

the fifth was on 10th November

7th was on 17th November

episode 8 was on 24th November

episode 9 was on 23rd February 2020

10th was premiered on 1st March 2020

11th was on 3rd march 2020 episodes

12 was on 15th March 2020

13th on 22nd march

14th episode was on 29th march

episode 15 was on 5th April and the episode 16th release date is not announced till now

The previous date on which episode was going to premiere was 12th April but due to to the virus that grows suddenly in the US and globally the episode was not  premiered

Episode 16 would be the final episode of the tenth season of The walking dead. We will have to wait to read sadly because there is not a date released. On Abc’s website, the announcement is made that season 10 finale will air later this year.

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You can watch The walking dead on Netflix and Disney plus the Hotstar app.