The Stranger Season 2: Release Date,Cast and many more things you should know!!

The Stranger Season 2 Release Date,Cast and many more things you should know!!
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The stranger season 2 series got much popularity due to add on twists makers have to offer us and the contribution of cast to the story is impeccable and out of this world apparently and thus it has managed to gather much audience love and support.

The Stranger is streaming on Netflix and the show has successfully completed its first season.

It is presented by Harlan Coben and within the first season the amount of love people have been showering have forced the makers to come up with the next season too

Release of The Stranger Season 2

Release of The Stranger Season 2

According to the sources, Season 2 of The Stranger hasn’t been announced yet but as per the demand created by audience , season 2 is said to be renewed .Harlan Coben , the critically acclaimed and award winning writer and co executive founder of the show has allegedly said they weren’t planning Season 2 but now seeing the reaction , they are planning season 2

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The Stranger Season 2 Cast

The Stranger Season 2 will be reportedly casting and continuing with the same old cast as in Season 1 as the fans fall in love with the cast and more than that the characters.

The cast of Season 1 is Hannah, the stranger,

Dervla Kirwan, Ryan Price as Misha Handley , Jacob Dudman as Thomas Price , John Kamen with Adam Price by Richard Armitage.

Apart from the old cast, all we can hope is to expect some new faces , although no new information is received from the maker’s end.

Our say :

If you want to see a thriller which is  nail biting and that forces you to sit on edge of your seat. The Stranger wouldn’t disappoint you and hence will leave you puzzled, its definitely worth your time.

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