The Protector Season 5: Has Netflix canceled the show or has it been delayed?

The Protector Season 5 Has Netflix canceled the show or has it been delayed
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The Protector is a Turkish series which is an international series that was made available on Netflix. Netflix launched the series on its platform so that it can be enjoyed by global citizens. After the latest installment which was the fourth season viewers are now wondering about season 5 of the show. So without any further delay let’s jump into the details we know so far.

Is there going to be The Protector Season 5?

Is there going to be The Protector Season 5
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There has been no official announcement about the release date of season 5 of the show. Netflix has remained notoriously silent about the renewal status of the show. However, it can be stated that it is going to take substantial time for Netflix to renew itself for the next season. Usually, the next season of any particular show takes about a year. It is likely that season 5 of the show is also going to follow this trend.

However, the novel coronavirus has halted the production processes of the majority of the shows. This can also cause an unexpected delay in the release of the show. However, it is advisable fans need to wait a little longer before any official update has been conveyed. It is highly uncertain at this point whether the show is going to return or not.

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Who is going to return for The Protector Season 5?

We can definitely expect the returning back of the main protagonist of the show Çağatay Ulusoy with the title of The Protector. Others who can also return are Hazar Ergüçlü, Okan Yalabık, Ayça Ayşin Turan, Burçin Terzioğl, and few others.

What can happen in The Protector Season 5?

It is completely uncertain what possibly happens in the upcoming season. There has been no update on the plotline of season 5 of the show. However, if there is going to be a season 5 of the show we can expect the show to be the continuation of the previous season. However, it is unlikely for the show to return back. Season 4 of the show gave a satisfactory conclusion. There are no loose ends as of now which can possibly lead to the probable synopsis of the next season.

We need to wait a little longer for any updates. We can assure that whenever we receive more further updates we will keep you informed.

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