The promised Neverland season 2 The show has been pushed, more details inside...

You seem like a fan of animation fantasy or horror, and thus This series the promised Neverland interest you, the first part of the series was launched 13th April 2019, the show was in Japanese language and the country of origin was Japan.

The show falls under the Genre of animation, fantasy, horror, mystery, and science fiction thriller.

The first part of the show was released on 13th April 2019, the movie has been given 8.8 on 10 by imdb, it revolves around the group of intelligent kids who are also orphans unravels the darkest truth of their lives, the series is also available on Amazon Prime Video.

The MAIN director of the movie is Yoshiki Kitai Along with other co-producers, line producers and executive producers, such as Santoshi FURUHAshI,  kakushi along with other producers on board.

The cast of the first series includes Maaya, Mariya, Sumire, shine, Hiyori; Yuuko, Ryan Bartley Along another supporting cast. the show is written by Kaiu Shirai.

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Each episode of part one of the series is of 30 minutes each.

And now the famous and popular show is back with the second part.

 what is the official release date of the promise Neverland season 2? 

 what is the official release date of the promise Neverland season 2 
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The show was going to be released in 2019 on 15th October, but due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the show got a little delayed, and the later date was announced by the makers, and now the show will be releasing in 2021 that is next year in January itself, although that exact date of launch is not revealed by the makers yet the good news is on the way.

The basic storyline of the promise Neverland season 2,

The future belongs to 2045, Emma a female lead who is living without her parents, and is an orphan and thus Lives with other orphans as well, a mark onto those everyone as a family, the plot revolves around how Emma deals with various aspects of her life emotionally and strongly.

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The plot is extremely promising and would be exciting to see what creators have to offer this time.

Cast details of the promised Neverland season 2

  • Sumie Morohoshi to play Emma
  • Maaya Uchida to play Norman
  • Mariya is as Ray
  • Nao Fujita as Krone
  • Yuko Kaida as Isabella