The New Legends Of Monkey Season 3: Will Netflix provide the green light for the next season?

The New Legends Of Monkey Season 3 Will Netflix provide the green light for the next season
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The Australian and New Zealand based web series The New Legends Of Monkey has arrived with its new season 2 this year 2020. Season 2 of the show which has been released in August 2020 has been directed by Gerard Johnstone. The show has drawn its inspiration from the 16th-century Japanese Production and the novel “Journey To The West”. It has successfully gained huge popularity in the two countries. Filled with adventure, drama, thriller and the chilling adrenaline rush has been greatly popularized among the fans.

Season 3 of The New Legends Of Monkey is going to be released?

Season 3 of The New Legends Of Monkey is going to be released
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Several productions of various shows have been halted because of the global pandemic. However, season 2 of the show has been a huge success. The first season of the show comprised of 10 episodes streamed on the networking channel of ABC Me. It was released in January 2018 which was followed by season 2 in August 2018.

The show which was released even on the giant streaming platform of Netflix has yet not been confirmed for renewal. However, owing to the huge popularity and fame that the show has received we can expect for the next season. Seeing by the pattern of release we can expect the show to get released by late 2021 or else by 2022. No official release date has been confirmed as of yet therefore, we can’t say anything with confidence.

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What can be expected from Season 3 of The New Legends Of Monkey?

We can expect that season 3 of The New Legends Of Monkey is going to be the continuation of the previous season. The story is about a young monk who with the help of a group gets escorted. The group happens to be a group comprising of Gods who are in a mission. The mission is about a journey to finding an ancient land which due to unfavorable circumstances is now dominated by all types of Demons. However, as of now, we know only this much.

Nothing has been confirmed as of yet about the future story. Therefore, we can’t state anything with the utmost confidence. Therefore we need to wait a little longer before we get any further information.

Who is going to be present for The New Legends Of Monkey Season 3?

We can highly expect the return of the four main protagonists who have been continuing since season 1. Chai Hansen as the Monkey King himself, Luciane Buchanan as Tripitaka, Josh Thomson as Pigsy, and Emile Cocquerel as Sandy is highly expected to return for the next season. There can be further addition of new characters in the show. But no information about the cast has been informed.

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