The Idhun Chronicles Season 2: Will Netflix come up with a season 2 of the show? Get all the latest updates here.

The Idhun Chronicles Season 2 Will Netflix come up with a season 2 of the show Get all the latest updates here.
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The Idhun Chronicles is an adaptation of the fantasy trilogy book written by Spanish author Laura Gallego by the name “The Idhun’s Memories”. The show revolves around the parallel universe with the meddling gods and the young heroes who revolve as the victors of the battle. The perfect Utopian world of Idhun which is a symbolization of peace where all the races in the world live in complete harmony falls under the evil grasps of necromancer Ashran. With his vicious and malicious nature of Ashran having the flying snakes, Jack and Victoria with their potential power try to save the world.

When will The Idhun Chronicles Season 2 get released?

When will The Idhun Chronicles Season 2 get released
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Season 1 of the show was released on September 10, 2020, on the giant streaming platform of Netflix. Season 1 of the show comprised 5 episodes in total having a duration of 5 and a half hours in total. As of now, Netflix hasn’t renewed the show but there are fair possibilities of the show being renewed.

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The trilogy is based on the cultural phenomenon of Spain and therefore there are several prequels for the continuation of the show. If the show evens struggles to get a decent viewership we can still expect Netflix to continue with the show. We can anticipate that season 2 is going to be released somewhere in 2021.

What can happen in The Idhun Chronicles Season 2?

Season 1 of the show projected the parallel world of Idhun. The world which was once a paradise it has now come under the grasp of Ashran. Jack, Victoria and Shail come as a rescue trying to save the world from the vicious control of Ashran. In the end, we saw Ashran has completed his complete transformation and escapes back to earth where Jack follows him to defeat him. While Victoria on the other hand returns back to her family.

The story was adopted from the first book with the title “Memorias de Idhún I: La Resistencia”. Season 2 might be the adaptation of the second book dealing with a completely different set of problems. It can also dig deeper into the characters and also we might be able to know what happened to Shail.

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Who is going to return in The Idhun Chronicles Season 2?

Jack has been voiced by Itzan Escamilla in Spanish while Griffin Burns in English. Michelle Jenner voiced in Spanish and Erika Harlacher voiced in English provide the voice for Victoria. Sergio Mur voiced in Spanish and Johnny Yong Bosch voiced in  English for Kirtash. Shail and Alsan are voiced by Nico Romero in Spanish. These are the voice actors who are probably going to return back even in the second season for the respective characters.