The a list season 2 Expected release date,, and other information on plot cast, rumors, and much more....

The a list is it teen drama  TV series, which functions on the Genre of crime mystery and drama, each episode of the list is of 25 minutes each , imdb has rated the series on subtle 5.3 on 10.

The main creators of the series are Dan berlinka, Patrick Harkins, and Jim shield,

The writing credits of the series are given to Nina Metivier, Kate Davidson, and Dan Berlinka.The show received One nomination that is writers Guild of Great Britain 2020 under the best children’s TV episode.

The series falls under the genre of crime drama mystery and thriller. The show was the first premier in 2018 on 25th October in the English language and the country of origin being the UK the Series was filmed on the locations of UK Scotland and Glasgow.

The show is produced by Sandra Maclver. And the soundtrack of the series is composed by Nick foster for 13 episodes in 2018.

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And now the series the list season 2 will be rolling out soon to woo the audience with spectacular performances and the unexpected plot twist and turns.

When can we catch the glimpse of the A list season 2?

When can we catch the glimpse of the A list season 2

no official announcement has been made regarding the Release Date of the series the list but the show will be rolling out soon on Netflix, As for the Internet speculation, the show will be releasing somewhere in August 2020.

As told earlier, no official announcement has been made regarding the trailer and teaser information of the season But we believe the good news is on the way.

Who all will be there in the star cast of the list season 2?

Information on the cast of a list season 2..

  • Ellie Douglas as Amber
  • Salvana Baker as Kayleigh
  • Eleanor Bennett as Jenna
  • Benjamin Nugent as Harry
  • Jacob Dudman as Dev
  • Lisa Ambalavanar

Along with another supporting cast.

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The basic storyline of the list season 2

The show is a supernatural drama which is a thriller TV series that revolves around the main protagonist of the show Mia and the other one named Amber the two Main characters of the movie Superbly written and performed.

The response for the series from the fans is very positive and promising and all around the globe, the fans are waiting for season 2 of the list.