Stateless Season 2: Has the show been delayed or canceled? All updates are here

Stateless Season 2 Has the show been delayed or canceled All updates are here
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Australian drama Stateless has been set up with a background in the mid 2000s, embraces about immigration, migration, and the policies of Australia. Stateless season 1 comprises of six episodes. Within the entire duration of those six episodes, it projected a very heart touching and wrenching story. The story surrounds the people who have been caught by the detention of the Australian Government. The story about refugees and struggling to find a way for a better and secure life have left the audience completely spell bounded.

When can we expect Stateless Season 2?

When can we expect Stateless Season 2
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Stateless is an Australian TV show which started it’s filming process back in May 2019. The show was launched finally on March 1, 2020. Later the show was also made available for the international audience on Netflix in the month of July.

As of now, there hasn’t been any information about season 2 of the show. The Australian show is yet to give its confirmation about the renewal status. However, owing to the immense positive critics that the show has received we can also expect season 2 of the show.

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What will Season 2 of Stateless deal with?

It can be stated that season 2 of the show is going to deal with a completely different set of stories. Blanchett in an interview with the Deadline has informed,

“What’s more important to us — rather than going on and making another series, even though there are so many more stories to tell in this vein — is scaffolding a conversation around it.”

Season 1 of the show projected the immigration system in Australia. The immigrants coming off by boats are being detained by the detention Australian officers along the shore. Season 2 of the show can deal with different stories that might center on the Australian Immigration Policies.

Whom can we expect to see in Stateless Season 2?

There has been no information about the cast of season 2 of the show. If the show decides to be the continuation of season 1 then we can expect to see a few of the similar faces. We can expect to see Cam played by Jai Courtney and Claire played by Asher Keddie. We can also expect to see  Ameer that is played by Fayssal Bazzi and also Mina played by Soraya Heidari.

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However, the possibilities are, if season 2 gets decided to be launched we are going to see a different set of stories with a different cast.