Normal People Season 2: Will BBC renew the show for the next season?

Normal People Season 2 Will BBC renew the show for the next season


Normal People a new venture taken by BBC has forced the audience t fall in love with the show hopelessly. Co-produced by BBC Three and Hulu the show is based on Sally Rooney’s best selling novel which has the same name as that of the show. The show came out in 2020 and it was aired weekly. The 12 episodes of season 1 has been a massive success and the audience is completely spell bound by this sweet different love story.

Can we expect for Season 2 of Normal People?

Can we expect for Season 2 of Normal People

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It is going to be extremely difficult to answer this particular question. We can expect that it is going to take a sufficiently long time for the show to get renewed. Ed Guiney who is the co-producer f the show has some plans of making a second season with the two protagonists. However, in interviews, he stated that,

“Not in the short term. We’ve turned our attention – we’re adapting Conversations with Friends as a television series.” As informed by a digital spy.

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However the lead characters of the show, both are highly excited for season 2 of the show. Both the protagonists are highly excited if season 2 of the show gets decided to be made.

What can happen in Normal People Season 2?

It is yet going another difficult question to answer. The show is an adaptation of the novel written by Sally Rooney. However, the novel doesn’t have any sequence to it. So it is going to very difficult to predict whether the show is going to be continued or not.

The story projects the couple as 23 years old and is already a graduate. Their relationship remains still the same. They are still madly into each other and having sex in between relationships or flings with other people. In an interview Marianne and Connell stated,

“I hope that they remain that level of settled and happy that they get to by the end of the series. It’s wonderful that Marianne enables him to follow his dream as a writer in New York, so I really hope he sticks at it and carries on doing what he loves.”

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Will Edgard Jones and Mescal be back for another season?

If there is going to be season 2 of the show the two main protagonists will definitely be back. Both the lead characters are extremely excited for season 2 of the show. However, the uncertainty of whether there is going to be a season 2 of the show or not is extremely high.

 Edgard Jones who is playing the role of Marianne is a student from a well stable family and is extremely outspoken. She is studious and comes into a relationship with Connell as suggests by him to pursue under graduation from her college.

Mescal who is playing the role of Connell is a gifted student who is academically brilliant. His mother is a cleaner and he struggles very hard to fulfill any of his desire.