Messiah Season 2: Netflix has officially cancelled the show! Never miss an update here.

Messiah Season 2 Netflix has officially cancelled the show! Never miss an update here.
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Another American thriller based show Messiah was launched for its first season on January 2020. However, the news that we are bearing is extremely heart wrenching. Netflix has officially cancelled the show. Therefore, it has been confirmed that the show won’t be returning back for season 2. The news was shared by Wil Travel on his Instagram page. Let’s get into all the details that we possess for you.

When will Messiah Season 2 get released?

When will Messiah Season 2 get released

The season 1 of the show was launched on January 1, 2020. It was highly expected that the show is going to continue for its next seasons. However, it was informed by Wil Travel through this Instagram Post that they have received news where Netflix has cancelled the show. The season 2 of Messiah won’t be returning back. He expressed his gratitude towards all the fans who have supported the show and have loved it.

However, there was news that the creator of the show Michael Petroni stated in his interviews that he has great ideas for a couple of more seasons of the show. He also stated that after editing the entire show they realized it was just the beginning and he had further more plans to continue with the show. However, these were prior to the news of the cancellation. There are still possibilities that the show might be taken up by some other streaming platform where it can be continued.

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However, as of now, the show has been cancelled and therefore there is no release date of the show.

Who can be there in Messiah Season 2?

We can highly expect the returning back of Michelle Monaghan as Eva Geller, Mehdi Dehbi as Al-Masih, Tomer Sisley as Aviram daham, John Ortiz as Felix Iguero, Melinda Page Hamilton as Anna Iguero and Stefania LaVie Owen as Rebecca Iguero. However, these actors will be returning back if the show gets the approval for renewal. As of now, there hasn’t been any update up on that particular news.

What is going to happen in Messiah Season 2?

Further investigation on the powers of Al- Masih’s power will continue. The clues about his true identity might be brought upon the surface. Season 2 may also focus on his actions. How he is going to use his true devotees? Whether he is going to use them for the purpose of greatness or evil doings? His power to attract people and his group of devotees is also expected to increase.

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However, the show might also focus on different aspects. As the show as of now has been cancelled we can have no updates about the further proceedings of the show.