Merlin Season 6: The latest updates on release date, plot, cast, trailer and much more.

Merlin Season 6 The latest updates on release date, plot, cast, trailer and much more.
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Merlin is a frictional web series which has its roots in the fantasy world. The show gives special attention to the legend King Arthur and his deep and sacred bond that he shares with the famous wizard, Merlin. The show which revolves around magic and wizards and witch craft has an extra ordinary approach towards the fantasy world. A world where anything and everything was possible . However, the show projects the cruel side of mankind where Arthur’s father bands the use of magic in Camelot. The show has been created by Julian Jones, Jake Michie, Julian Murphy and Johnny Capps while it has been produced by Shine Limited. Written by Jones, the show projects on the relationship between Arthur and Merlin during their younger days.

Merlin Season 6 Expected Release Date

Merlin Season 6 Expected Release Date
BBC America

Merlin Season 5 was premiered on their networking channel BBC One on October 6, 2012. The season ended with 13 episodes on December 24, 2012. Since then there hasn’t been any update about any further seasons of the show. It was announced officially that the show has finally ended with 65 episodes. There will be no more seasons of the show unless and until any other networking channel bothers to bring the show-up.

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However, owing to the popularity of the show there are still speculations that the show is probably going to make it come back. In case you have missed out on any episodes or haven’t watched the show it is available for everyone on Netflix.

What can probably happen in Merlin Season 6? Spoiler Alert

There are high possibilities that season 6 of the show is going to be the continuation of the previous season. However, as there has been a huge considerable gap between the two seasons therefore nothing can be stated with utmost confidence. We saw that the friendship between Merlin and Arthur took off with a rough start. Initially, after Merlin met young Arthur he used to think the young prince was arrogant and self centered. Even Arthur had a very negative opinion about Merlin. However, after an event where Merlin saved Arthur’s life, he was granted the status of the personal servant of Arthur. Since then both became very close friends and soon became best friends. The two together solves several adventures. Meanwhile, Morgana turns up against Camelot, it was Arthur and Merlin who saved the kingdom together. Now, season 6 might show different adventures and the fruitful turn of their friendship.

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The cast of Season 6 of Merlin.

The possibilities of season 6 happening are extremely bleak. However, we can expect the cast of season 6 going to have a similar cast to the previous season. Where, Colin Morgan as Merlin, Angel Coulby as Gwen, Bradley James as Arthur Pendragon, Katie McGrath as Morgana, Richard Wilson as Gaius, Anthony Stewart Head as King Uther Pendragon. However, the new season might also have new characters too.


Merlin Season 6 of Trailer

There is no trailer of season 6 of the show. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to predict what is probably going to happen in the next season.