Lunatics Season 2: Netflix’s Lunatic season 2 has been renewed or cancelled? Latest Updates, Release Date, Plot, cast and spoilers

Lunatics Season 2 Netflix’s Lunatic season 2 has been renewed or cancelled Latest Updates, Release Date, Plot, cast and spoilers
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Exceptionally well known Australian Comedy Master, Chris Lilley, started with his own show which got featured on Netflix airing its first season in 2019. Lunatics is a documentary series based on mockery and intense parody which has been skillfully written by Chris himself. The series revolves around six distinct characters which have been depicted and performed by Chris himself. It has been a year so let’s see about the renewal status of this comedy series.

Renewal status of Lunatics Season 2

Renewal status of Lunatics Season 2
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This amazing parody series which was first streamed on Netflix in April 2019 was greatly welcomed and appreciated by the viewers. The series which comprised of 10 episodes for the first season was insanely appreciated in the comedy world.  The vigorous appreciation by the audience specifically by the pun addicts were completely stunned by the unusual setting of the series blended with perfection and perfect execution by the comedian himself. However, to date no confirmation regarding the renewal of the status of the second season of this series has been confirmed. Netflix hasn’t yet provided a green light for the second season which has been greatly demanded by the audience.

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Expected Release Date for the upcoming season

The season one of the mockumentary series was greatly appreciated by the whooping population as it was regarded as an unusual setting in the comedy world blending itself with witty pun and plots which took everyone by complete surprise. The season one which had ten episodes received great affirmation. However,  at this point, nothing is very clear. Confirmation of the renewal of the second season hasn’t been conveyed till now. But we can possibly except the release of the amazing astounding series by the fall of 2021 at it’s utmost. The series has intrigued the perception of the audience and challenged the general stereotype enabling the viewers to think out of the box.

Are we going to see our favorite characters?

Although no official confirmation has been conveyed till now but we can highly expect to see our favorite characters which surprised us with astonishing performance. The characters we can expect for the upcoming season are : Keith Dick, Becky Douglas, Gavin McGregor, Jana Melhoopen, Quentin Cook, Joyce Jeffries, Leena Arora as Patika dick, Joe Murray as Dylan and Emma Wilson as Colleen. We can also except some new faces with additional characters and other supporting actors.

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The storyline that can be expected

We can yet again pin our expectations for a spectacular comeback of the second season. Six characters speaking possessing six different personalities speaking about a variety of topics depicting the shrewd realities which people are usually uncomfortable in speaking associated with extreme pun and dark humor projecting the high level of intellectuality can be expected. The topics may vary over the great range of the spectrum but it will definitely be something that can take the pleasure experience derived from the show by the people to the next level. The second season may deal with different topics however, the excitement for the second season hasn’t ceased.