Log horizon season 3: Is shiro Akatsuki making a comeback? Read in to know more about the official details related.

Log horizon season 3 Is shiro Akatsuki making a comeback Read in to know more about the official details related.
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Log Horizon Has previously launched two seasons which has been Well received and loved by the audiences around the globe,

The series is a scientific an email adventure series which is probably based on The same name Japanese novel written by mamare tone and executed by Kazuhiro Hard.

Fans have been loving the series and specially after season 2, the demand for season 3 for the show increased drastically and everybody around the globe who is a fan of series wants to know every  scanty detail related to the show, so here are we with all the new updated information on the series Log Horizon.

Log Horizon season 3 release date details

Log Horizon season 3 release date details
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The great news and probably the fulfilling news for the anime fans is finally here,

The makers have decided to treat audience with yet another part of the show Log Horizon And is confirmed by the officials only,

The show was about to get launched on 15th October 2020 but do you do the vulnerable situation going around the globe, the release date has been posed and will be now available indeed starting months of 2021 that is next year.

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What is the basic storyline of Log Horizon Season 3?

All the anime fans want to know about their favourite characters and how they will proceed with the storyline for the show, will their hero be able to save the world from the evil plans of the demon?

Well, season three has just been Announced by the officials and now Any revelations about the show made will be a bit of the board.

Who all are there in the star cast of Log Horizon season 3?

  • Shiroe will be played by Mike Yager.
  • Crystal laporte as Ashlyn
  • Emiri Kato as Akatsuki
  • Joji nakata as Nyanta
  • Yumi hara as marielle
  • Nao tomora as minor
  • Daiki yamashita as Touya
  • Jovan jackson as nyanta
  • Katelyn barr as brigandia jerk
  • Tamoaki maeno as Naotsugu