Kingdom season 3 Will Kim Sungkyu make a come back more information on release date, plot, Cost and much more.....

Action drama and horror, are Three vitals of a successful show, Kingdom TV series which is available on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video as well, functions on these three vitals of the plot.

The series Kingdom is directed by Seong Hun Kim and In je Park, The writing credit of the series goes to Eun Hee Kim And the producers of stunts are performed by Su Min Lee.

The visual effects of the series are amazing and on the next level are done by the team consisting of Seokjae Cheong, Chanhong Jung, Jinhee Kim, Sung min Alvin Yun and Kymber Lim.

The series has a rating of 8.4 on 10 from IMDB, the show falls under the Genre of, Action drama, horror, and thriller.

The show is in the Korean language and the country of origin being South Korea, the scenes were shot on the locations of Seoul, South Korea. the first part of the series was released back in 2019 on 25th January.

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Two seasons of the show Kingdom are out for audiences to see and the third installment of the show will be rolling out soon, the makers have decided to surprise the audience with yet another part for the show.

What is the basic storyline of the series Kingdom?

What is the basic storyline of the series Kingdom
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The Kingdom has amazing and gripping action drama horror and thriller as well. The plot revolves around the Story of the strange rumors about the evil and ILL grip of a Kingdom, their only hope against the mysterious evil is the grounds of the Prince which they believe will save them from the plague which is overshadowing their land.

The show offers many twists and turns  In the storyline and manages to grip audiences to their seats. It would be very exciting to see what season three of the Kingdom will have to offer to the fans.

Who all are there in the star cast of Kingdom season 3?

  • Ji hoon ju as Crown Prince
  • Doona bae as Seo Bi
  • Kim Sungkyu as Young Shin
  • Hye jun Kim as Queen Consort Cho
  • SUK ho Jun as Cho Beom Jun
  • Seung Yong Ryu as Cho Hak Joo
  • SANG ho Kim as Moo Young
  • Jong soo Kim as Kim soon
  • Joon ho Huh as Ahn Hyun
  • SEon kyu Jin as Deok Sung
  • SEOK won Jeong as Cho Beom 2.
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Along with another supporting cast.

 What is the expected release date of Kingdom Season 3

Release date details of the Kingdom season 3.

The two seasons have been rolled out yet for the audiences to watch, and the third is in the process which is announced by the makers themselves, although the release date hasn’t been revealed by them yet, the Internet speculation says that the show will be rolling out in early months of 2021.