Hulk Hogan Has Got Some Scary Scars Following 10 Rear(Back) Surgeries

Being scared is not bad, and we learnt it Hulk Hogan, in the legend.

Hulk Hogan posted an image of his spine afterwards, and it seems like that he went into his operation that was 10th.


Here is the picture of Hulk Hogan post ten surgeries he posted the image with a caption saying, ’10 surgeries you can hang a MAC truck from my back, and I’ll still take the whole WWE roster on brother!!!!,’ we do not doubt him even a bit

Hulk posted the same picture on his Twitter account with a caption, ‘All the little Hulkamaniacs can climb aboard the largest back in the world, and I’ll doggies paddle them to safety brother!!.’

Hulk has often come out to talk his fans about the reality of being a wrestler it is all blood and sweat and sometimes too many surgeries, he said ‘I’ve had 17 surgeries over the last ten years.’

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Hulk added saying, ‘My knees are fake, hips are fake, back is full of metal, and part of my face is full of metal. I didn’t get the memo about the fake wrestling.’

Hulk has had his eye reconstructed several times, and his nose is broken 13 times, well the pain that one has to go through is unaccounted.

Hulk also revealed that he had become three inches shorter because of all the surgeries he has gone through in all these years.

Hulk revealed another injury on March 31st while he was healing from his previous one!

It has been a wild ride, as Hulk says, we hope that he gets better and in safe in this crucial time!