Hollywood Season 2 : Will Netflix release a Season 2? Get the latest updates

Hollywood Season 2 Will Netflix release a Season 2 Get the latest updates
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Considered to be one of the best creation of Ryan Murphy the film has been an extremely huge hit and have received immense love from the audience. With the lavish extravagant setting and the cosmopolitan society the series  got featured in Netflix and considered to be one of the finest series on Netflix. Exceptionally well written and created by Ryan Murphy the series is an adventure ride taking the audience back to those years where Hollywood was rising. The series which revolves around some celebrities and film makers attempting a step forward to fulfill their dreams has received huge affirmation from the audience.

What can be the expected release date for Hollywood Season 2?

What can be the expected release date for Hollywood Season 2
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As stated by Murphy in one of his posts which states

“Properly HOLLYWOOD was intended as a limited series, but it’s gotten so popular that everyone asks for a different season. I do love this throw. xo”.

It can be slightly disheartening that the popular series hasn’t given any official affirmation for the renewal of it’s second season. There hasn’t been any official confirmation as of now. However, going by the post of Murphy it can be expected that the series will get renewed for it’s second season and will try not to disappoint the expectations of the fans. If the series does decide to renew for it’s second season we can expect it to hit the screen by the end of 2021 or early 2022. The global pandemic situation taken also cause delay to the release of the show. But as of now no statement has been made by Netflix where season 1 was featured.

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The expected cast for Hollywood Season 2

There hasn’t been any kind of official confirmation that has been reached as of yet. The series which became a popular hit in its season 1 revolved around certain celebrities and filmmakers and highlighted their life and struggle. In season one we saw popular celebrities such as David Corenswet, Darren Criss, Laura Harrier, Jeremy Pope, Samara Weaving, and Jake Picking. As of now no official confirmation about the casting members for season 2 has been released so nothing can be confirmed. But season 2 may highlight the struggles and the life of other filmmakers and celebrities trying hard to establish themselves turning their dreams into reality.

What can be the plot of the season 2?

The series which has its foundation in the setup of the fantasy land of 1940s Hollywood Murphy through his creation tried to show the varied struggle and the hard work that the celebrities had to do in order to establish themselves.  Things that seemed to be more sophisticated what would have been in the land of legitimacy have been very intently highlighted through the series.

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The second series may deal over varied sentimental and sensitive topics. The struggle faced by the people who have been discriminated on the basis of color, the LGBT+ community who have been subjected to sheer humiliation over the years seasons 2 may highlight these sensitive topics. But no official confirmation has been made as of yet so nothing can be confirmed.