Hanna Season 3: Amazon Prime heading with another season? All the leaked information are available here

Hanna Season 3 Amazon Prime heading with another season All the leaked information are available here

The second season of the thriller action show was released back in the month of July 2020. The show, with the release of two seasons, has been able to draw the attention of the audience. Amazon prime Original Hanna is about a young girl named Hanna who survived a dangerous mission named Utrax. The web series revolves around a teenage girl named Hanna got trapped in an illegal operation named Utrax by the fate of destiny which deals with providing training to girls for US military force. The series which has been a huge hit has left the masses wondering about the release of the next season.

Can we expect for Hanna Season 3 on Amazon Prime?

Can we expect for Hanna Season 3 on Amazon Prime
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Popular thriller show packed with adventure and twists in every episode has kept the audience hanging in the mid of uncertainty. The ending of the season 2 has been a major cliffhanger and fans are now wondering is there going to be a season 3 of the show.

It has been confirmed officially by the writer and creator of the show David Farr that,

“I’m thrilled to be able to give HANNA a third season.”

Therefore, it has been confirmed that the show is coming up with another spectacular season. However, there hasn’t been any official declaration about the release date of the show. Therefore, we can expect that the fans might be able to see the next season by the mid of 2021.

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What is going to happen in season 3 of Hanna?

The season 2 of the show ended as a major cliffhanger. Though the ending of the show was a spectacular event to watch, we can highly expect that season 3 is going to be the continuation of the previous season. We experienced yet another exciting though chilling and sparkling reunion of Marissa and Hanna. While Carmichael was shot and finally is under the captivation of the duo.

The season 2 ended with Marissa revealing her plan of all the three of them returning to Meadows so that she can take down Utrax from within.

The trailer of Season 3

There hasn’t been any trailer that is out for season 3 of the show. Therefore, drawing any concrete conclusion about the probable happenings of the show in the next season is still very unclear. Amazon Prime usually releases the trailer a month prior to the release date of the show. So we need to wait a little further for the show to get released.

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Character of Hanna

Esme Creed-Miles as Hanna is the lead character of the show. Hanna is the girl who was originally a part of an illegal operation named Utrax but was reduced by Eric Heller. The show projects her struggle and the evolvement of the character over the past few years.

Is Marissa Weigler coming back?

We can highly expect Mireille Enos as Marissa Wiegler, yet another female protagonist of the show to come back for the next season. She was originally put in charge of the UTRAX program, which Hanna was also a part of. But her character yet proved to be more dynamic in season 2.

Other characters

We can anticipate the comeback of Dermot Mulroney as John Carmichael the antagonist of the show. There are also going to be characters like Yasmin Monet Prince as Clara, Aine Rose Day as Sandy, Gianna Kiehl as Jules and few others are going to have a come back in season 3 of the show.