Emily In Paris Season 2: Has Netflix given the green signal for the upcoming season?

Emily In Paris Season 2 Has Netflix given the green signal for the upcoming season
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Created by none other than Darren Star “Emily In Paris” has been launched on Netflix very recently. The show which mainly revolves around the female protagonist named Emily has made the fans hopeless admire the plot. Emily who is now in the City Of Lights trying to find her path in France when she encounters troubles and mishappenings. But that is what life is, nothing goes as we have it to be. The crazy love triangle to the work pressure the journey of Emily was astounding. Therefore, fans are now eagerly waiting for season 2 of the show.

What will Emily in Paris Season 2 deal about?

What will Emily in Paris Season 2 deal about

Season 2 of the show is expected to be the continuation of the previous season. Therefore, we can see that season 2 will also give a prime focus on the life of Emily. The struggles that she has to encounter and finding her true self and identity to create might be the prime focus in the next season.  She has to prove to Sylvie and has a bundle of work to do. Her relationship with Mathieu might also be another prime focus of the show which might be the reason for some complications.

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We might also see the relationship between Gabriel and Camille. Especially after the awkward sex between Gabriel and Emily when everything became extremely uncomfortable what can be happening now? Darren Star in an interview stated,

“I think they had a really wonderful moment together, but what’s the intention? That the idea that Gabriel thinking this was a farewell. But I don’t think Gabriel would have split up with his girlfriend if he wasn’t moving away. There’s no way Emily would have been with Gabriel thinking that he was still with Camille. So I think that the question is where does it go from here? Where Emily is with Gabriel is really unexpected. She’s left at a very unexpected place.”

Is there going to be a season 2 of Emily In Paris?

As of yet, there has been no official confirmation made by Netflix where the series has been launched. The show which was launched very recently will take some time to officially confirm the renewal status of the show. It usually takes Netflix a few weeks before it gives its approval which depends upon the viewership of the show.

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However, going by the hype and the popularity of the show we can highly expect for season 2 of the show. The creator of the show is also excited to continue with the show and therefore, we can expect a new season. If the show gets decided to be renewed we can expect it somewhere in 2021.

Is Lily Collin returning in Emily In Paris Season 2?

Lily Collins is the main protagonist of the show who is playing the role of Emily cooper. In her 20s the American who is originally from Chicago decides to move in Paris for a strategic social media job. However, while in Paris she falls in love with Gabriel. We can definitely expect her to return in the show.

Other characters such as Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu as Sylvie, Ashley Park as Mindy Chen, Lucas Bravo as Gabriel, Samuel Arnold as Julien and few others are also expected to return back for the season 2.