Destiny 2 Beyond Light: Why it is getting delayed? Know release Date, Plot and storyline here

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Why it is getting delayed Know release Date, Plot and storyline here

Season of Arrivals is on its way. Bungie has laid out plans for the other three years of Destiny 2 expansions. Will be informed by The Witch Queen and Lightfall (name TBC) will arrive in 2022.

Here’s all you need to know about the Destiny 2: Beyond Light, including the release date on PC. Also the details about where you’ll be going.


Destiny 2 Beyond Light: When it will come out?

Destiny 2 Beyond Light When it will come out
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In a big Fall expansion, there is a heap of new wonderful weapons being added into Destiny 2 Beyond Light. There is also a returning pulse rifle for those that pre-order Beyond Light.

They have also added vibrant red and a blue shotgun-like weapon that was showed during the stream. Much information is not there about this new weapon. Bungie decided to give a sneak peek of the weapons.

However, Beyond Light marks the moment when Gambit and Gambit Prime are combined into a single mode. You can expect a lot more reveals in the coming months or weeks. We will surely keep you updated with the new details.

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Destiny 2 Beyond Light: What we can lose?

All the equipment excluding exotics and Raid gear from Season 9 will have a maximum Power Level. They imposed a process known as sunsetting. It is designed to encourage players to chase new gear. The old stuff is no longer there in endgame content.

All the raids will leave, other than Last Wish and Garden of Salvation. However, we will have a new one in Europe. It is set inside the Deep Stone Crypt, where the Exos are created. Most substantially, Mercury, Mars, Titan, the Leviathan, and their associated quests and activities. It will all be removed from the Director map.

Bungie said that he will introduce new ways to acquire new weapons. Such as Rat King and Sleeper Simulant, which are currently tied to the departing destinations.


Destiny 2 Beyond Light: What could be the storyline?

Eramis is involved, many are not known to this.The Eramis failed to capture the Outbreak Perfected pulse rifle, that’s the last time we heard her. After that, she was moved to Europa with her house of Fallen supporters to harness the power of Darkness.

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The main focus of Destiny 2: Beyond Light will be laid on the venture forth to Europa. Also on the fight of Eramis and her Darkness infused  During this fight we can learn about the power held in the Darkness and how to harness it.


What you can predict? : Destiny 2 Beyond Light?

What you can predict Destiny 2 Beyond Light
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Destiny 2’s fall expansions are certainly in contrast to the more patchy seasonal model. They announced about the three of there major expansions in one go. Bungie has noticed that there will be no Destiny 3 in the future.


The series success totally depends upon the concepts like the content vault and gear sunsetting merge. If we predict on the basis of past experiences, there will be new bumps in the terms of community satisfaction. The game will continue to be an amazing grind for most of us, who like doming aliens with cool space guns.