Deaf U: Netflix is coming up with a complete different show projecting the college student. Are you ready for it?

Deaf U Netflix is coming up with a complete different show projecting the college student. Are you ready for it

Deaf U Update:-Created by model and activist Nyle Di Marco who was a former winner of America’s next top model is taking new steps to remove the stigma that is attached to deaf people. A new docuseries created by her projecting the students of the college who have difficulty in hearing or are deaf. The docuseries which are surprisingly very different projecting a different range of the spectrum is something extremely new. Di Marco has informed, “diversity and layers in the community”. So let’s jump into the details of the show that we can expect.

What will Deaf U be about?

What will Deaf U be about
Hollywood Reporter

Deaf U will revolve around a group of deaf college students and their struggles and obstacles which are encountered. The college life of Gallaudet University will be highlighted which is a specialized school for the deaf and have trouble hearing.

Di Marco has stated in her interviews behind the creation of the show. The show will be created to show the diversity and complexity among deaf students. The social stigmas surrounding them will also be projected.

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In an interview he stated,

“As you’ll see, this is a very tight-knit group of the cast that we have who all come to the table with different stories, different histories, very unexpected, and a lot of drama. But the point of it all is that deaf people are human. We’re the same as human people, we go through the same as hearing people,” as informed by PureWow.

Who are going to be there in Deaf U?

As of now we know that Daequan Taylor, Cheyanna Clearbrook, Renate Rose, and Rodney Buford are going to be there in the cast. They are all college students at Gallaudet University. There might be even some addition in characters, however, as the show is yet to be released we don’t know as of yet.

Is there a trailer of  Deaf U ?

For sure yes! Netflix has released an official trailer about Deaf U on September 23. The trailer has simply taken everyone aback and gossips about the show is also high. The messy romantic gestures and situations associated with struggles the show is going to be a huge hit hopefully.

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When will Deaf U get premiered?

Season 1 of Deaf U is going to have 8 episodes in total. The premiering date has been fixed on October 9. Therefore, the wait is over. The show is going to get released tomorrow on Netflix for the fans to enjoy themselves.