CONTROL Z Season 2 : Has Netflix approved for the renewal? Get the latest updates

CONTROL Z Season 2 Has Netflix approved for the renewal Get the latest updates
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Mexican teen drama Control Z got released in 2020 on Netflix. The series which has it’s setting in high school got the fans excited with a series dealing with cyber crime and hacking the profile of the students gradually ruining their life.  The series which is extremely adventurous with a new twist and focusing on a different aspect from the general genre of love, action, and comedy has been largely welcomed by the audience.

When can we expect Control Z Season 2?


The adventurous nerve cracking series which recently just made it’s debut hasn’t officially confirmed about the renewal status of the second season. It can be expected that the audience will get to know about the status of the renewal after a couple of months depending upon the success of the previous season.

The series which has been exceptionally performed by the actors has received huge positive critics from the audience.  If Netflix gives the approval for the release of season 2 of Control Z it can be expected that the series hit the screens by summer 2021.

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Will Sofia come back for the next season?

It can be pretty depressing but sadly some of the characters which the audience loved in the season one is likely not to return for the upcoming season. The final episode which showed that Ana Valeria Becerril playing the lead character Sofia , whose boyfriend Michael Ronda playing as Javier was shot by an accident.  Now the question lies will he able to return for the second season as it is completely uncertain. Other characters such as Yankel Stevens as Raul, Zion Moreno as Isabela, Macarena Garcia as Natalia and Andres Baida as Pablo are excepted to return.

What do we expect to see in season 2?

The season one which revolved around the theme where the students of the high school were extremely keen to know who was behind the entire hacking spam. Eventually, towards the end of the season, it was revealed that the students finally got to know the main culprit was Raul. Raul is also one of the richest students at the school whose mastermind plan was to ruin the life of fellow students.

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Following up from season 1 the upcoming season may focus on the motive and the intentions of Raul. What exactly compelled Raul to do something such vicious? What will happen to Javier and how the story will now evolve are some unanswered questions which are revolving around the mind of the audience. Season 2 will give a huge clarity to such doubts.