Charmed Season 3: The show is going to get released very soon. Never miss an update here

Charmed Season 3 The show is going to get released very soon. Never miss an update here
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A magnanimous enchanting adventure who is in deep love with the world of witchcraft Charmed is a perfect series for you to watch. Viewers who adore the witch worshipper there is a spectacular show awaiting for you ahead. Charmed which is a show dealing with the world of enchantment and magic has been now converted into a franchise. The show has gained popularity over the course of every season. As of now, there are two seasons of the show. The second season which came to a big bang has been loved by the viewers. Now the question arises what do we know about the season 3? Therefore, without any further delay let’s jump into the details.

When is season 3 of Charmed going to get aired?

When is the season 3 of Charmed going to get aired


Well, too much of the excitement the wait is almost over. Season 3 of Charmed has been granted the approval status of renewal. Too much of joy, the filming of the show is also probably done. Season 3 of the show has been scheduled to get released in October 2020. The show is going to get released on the networking channel of CW. Both the former two seasons which were also premiered on CW were aired during October. There hasn’t been any particular date which has been fixed for the release.

However, the global pandemic which has hit the entire world can be a major reason for delay. There are possibilities that the show will get post ponded. In that case, we need to wait a little longer than anticipated. The show might get rescheduled to get released by early 2021.

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How is the story going to proceed in Charmed Season 3?

We can expect some major twists in the plot for Charmed Season 3. Charmed has always been successful in winning over the expectations of the fans. Therefore the season 3 will also prove its efficiency yet again. Charmed has shown us more about supernatural shenanigans. This has to lead to a huge fan base to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, also showing the monsters of the week.  Meanwhile, the good innocent boy turned into bad forming the base of the series. The season 3 might start off with the Big Bad causing troubles and grieves to the three sisters.

However, as there hasn’t been any official announcement about the plotline of the show nothing can be stated with utmost confidence. We are waiting as of now to gather further updates. As soon as we the updates we will definitely inform you.

Charmed Season 3 Trailer

Well as of now there is no trailer of Charmed season 3. It was expected to get released by the end of September 2020. However, we have no such information as of yet.

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The cast of Charmed Season 3

Mel Vera

Melonie Diaz as Mel Vera is the mid half sister of the three. She posses the personality of a strong feminist and is an outspoken activist. A graduate student in women studies is particularly interested in women. During the show, she came out as a lesbian and had many relationships with other girls. In the latter portion of the show, Mel develops molecular manipulations where she can turn slow molecules into ice.

Macy Vaughn

Madeleine Mantock as Macy Vaughn is the eldest of the three half sisters. Macy is a shy and a science nerd who has a Ph.D. in molecular genetics and initially moves to Michigan to work in the lab of the university. Macy who was stillborn after giving birth was brought back to life by necromancy, owing her to have a demon side.

Maggie Vera

Sarah Jeffrey as Maggie Vera is the youngest sister. The fun loving and kind hearted full of life spirited person is a freshman at Hilltowne University. It came as a huge shock to Maggie when she learned that she was a witch and later she learns the ability of fore sighting.