Captain Marvel Season 2: The show is scheduled to get release in 2022. The updates are all here.

Captain Marvel Season 2 The show is scheduled to get release in 2022. The updates are all here.
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To all the Marvel fans that have been waiting eagerly to get all the updates we are here to reveal it all. Captain Marvel which has been loved by most of the Marvel lover fans has further new exciting information to share. It has been confirmed back in January 2020 that the sequel is coming back for the second season. Working with Megan McDonnell who is also one of the writers on Disney+ MCU show Wanda Vision is all set to write the script. However, directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck are not yet confirmed to be returning back.

When has been Captain Marvel Season 2 scheduled to get released?

When has been Captain Marvel Season 2 scheduled to get released
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Disney who has now occupied the entire branch of Marvel has shifted the release dates for marvel Phase 4 because of the unexpected delay of Black Widow to November 4, 2020. The sequel has been scheduled to get released in the cinemas of UK and USA on July 8, 2022. However, there hasn’t been any information about the starting of the filming process.
However, it hasn’t yet been confirmed whether the show is going to be a part of Phase 4 or Phase 5. As it wasn’t announced as a part of Kevin Felge’s Phase 4 Comic Con in 2019 therefore that uncertainty still prevails.

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Who are going to be there in the cast of Captain Marvel 2?

Definitely we can expect to see Brie Larson as Carol Danvers and given the friendship it will come as very little surprise to see Lashana Lynch as Maria Rambeau. Monica Rambeau has already been re-casted as Teyonah Parris is going to play the grown up version in Wanda Vision.
The first movie didn’t have any major casualties other than Minn Erva that is Gemma Chan. Therfore, she might be the only one who won’t be returning.

What is the season 2 of captain Marvel going to be about?

It has been reported that the season 2 will take place in “present day”, which can refer to the present of MCU. Captain Marvel didn’t feature much in Endgame and therefore it’s going to be slightly difficult to find the plot for the season 2. Captain Marvel who played an integral role to Avengers in defeating Thanos in Endgame showed up at the memorial of Tony Stark.
There might be some hints in Wanda Vision because the show will feature a grown up Monica Rambeau. Also given the fact that Megan McDonnell has also worked on Wanda Vision there can be some similar traits that can be borrowed in for the show.

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