Call My Agent Season 5: Will the show come up for another season? Catch the updates here.

Call My Agent Season 5 Will the show come up for another season Catch the updates here.
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A French original comedy show Call My Agent has been a huge hit. The French show which was originally released on the streaming platform of France 2 has been also up by the giant platform of Netflix. Aurélien Larger and Harold Valentin of Mother Production has produced the show along with Mon Voisin Productions. The show has been a great success and has a huge fan base globally. So without any delay let’s jump into the updates we possess for you.

Is there going to be Call My Agent Season 5?

Is there going to be Call My Agent Season 5
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According to the show’s producers, they have officially confirmed that season 4 of Call of My Agent is going to be the last season. Therefore, with a heavy heart, we have to inform you that the show won’t be returning back for season 5. The French TV show which is also known as “Dix pour cent” in the local language has come to an end.

Season 4 of the show launched recently on October 14, 2020, on the streaming platforms. The show hasn’t yet launched all of its episodes of the new season. However, this is going to be the last season of the show.

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What is Call My Agent all about?

Call My Agent is a French TV show which has achieved global fame owing to the drama, comedy, and sentiments which have been blended in it perfectly. The show takes us to the dark world of Showbiz where each episode revolves around one particular celebrity guest with four main agents of Parisian talent agency ASK.

These four agents work efficiently and diligently to fulfill the contract while they even forget between their professional and personal life. The show also projects serious issues such as sexual harassment, the pay difference between genders highlighting gender disparity. The social issues are also held up giving an in sight of the unglamorous side of the glamour industry.

The agents have to meet the needs of celebrities dealing with their tantrums. The peculiar personalities of certain celebrities have also been upheld in a hilarious and comical manner. The show projects the perspective side of both the celebrated identities and the agents.

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Who are there in Call My Agent?

The show has four main agents of ASK who are Camille Cottin playing as Andrea Martel, Liliane Rovère as Arlette Azémar, Thibault de Montalembert playing as Mathias Barnesville, and Grégory Montel as Gabriel Sarda. These 4 agents who are the main protagonists of the show are working together in order to save the company who is facing extreme losses. The show also has brought about prominent faces such as Stéfi Celma as Sofia Leprince, Nicolas Maury as Hervé André-Jezak, Fanny Sidney as Camille Valentini, and Laure Calamy as Noémie Leclerc.