Away Season 2: Netflix has renewed or delayed the show? Get the latest updates here.

Away Season 2 Netflix has renewed or delayed the show Get the latest updates here.
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Netflix has launched yet another science frictional show on its platform. Away has received several positive critics. The show which is highly addictive and is completely filled with thrill and adventure is a perfect show to watch on lazy weekends. The show has been among the top trending shows on Netflix and has achieved great proclamation. The episodes series revolves around the journey from the moon to mars. So without any further let’s get to know whether another season is upcoming or not?

Has Netflix confirmed about Away Season 2?

As of yet, Netflix hasn’t confirmed the renewal status of the show. The show has been released in the month of September 2020. Therefore, it usually takes Netflix some time for approving the renewal status of any particular show. However, we can highly expect that Netflix is going to grant the renewal status.

If you have season 1 of the show you might know what a major cliffhanger it was. Going by the conclusion of the show we can highly expect for a season 2. If the show gets the approval we can expect it to get released somewhere in 2021. The creator of the show Andrew Hinderaker also stated,

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There’s no news to break in terms of whether we know that there will be future seasons, but the plan was always for a multi-season arc,” as informed to The Capital Times.

What can happen in Away Season 2?

The science frictional show which has achieved great fame owing to the thrilled and adventure induced in it might continue with other seasons. The second season is probably going to be a continuation of the previous season. As season 1 of the show has been a major cliffhanger, therefore, we can expect that season 2 might start off from where it was left.

Hilary Swank stated,

Well you know, if we were to do anything else, I think it’s continuing to explore,” as informed to Radio Times.

This can imply the exploration for further unknown things is going to be continuing. However, something can be assured that the show won’t be involving any other organism which here signify aliens. The show will try to give more focus on finding life on Mars rather than any frictional organisms which might be unrealistic. Jessica Goldberg has confirmed,

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“When I say life, I mean like a microorganism. I don’t mean an alien. The show would never go in that direction.”

Who is going to be there in Away Season 2?

Hilary Swank

Playing as Emma Green is the captain of the mission and is the astronaut of NASA. Heading the entire mission she is playing the lead character.

Josh Charles

As Matt Logan, who is an engineer of NASA and is the husband of Emma and supports her immensely. He was too an astronaut however, he was grounded because of his cerebral cavernous malformation.

Mark Ivanir

Playing as Misha, he is an Atlas engineer and is also a Russian cosmonaut. He is the most experienced space traveler in the world who suffered the loss of his wife while he was in space. Choosing a profession over a relationship resulted in his loss of family ties.

Other characters who are expected to return are Vivian Wu as Lu Wang, Ato Essandoh as Kwesi, Ray Panthaki as Ram Arya, and lastly Talitha Bateman as Alexis Logan.