Ashley Gracia: Genius in Love Season 3: Netflix has canceled the show but coming up with a Christmas Special

Ashley Gracia Genius in Love Season 3 Netflix has canceled the show but coming up with a Christmas Special


One of the most popular comedy sitcoms on Netflix Ashley Gracia: Genius In Love has been a huge favorite among most of the audience. The 15 years old teen scientist has been able to win the hearts of the audience. The comedy show with sentimental values and the right amount of comedy blended with it has been in great demand. The show owing to its popularity and substantially big fan base has two seasons in total as of yet. The question that arises now is there going to be a season 3 of Ashley Gracia: Genius In Love?

Can we expect for Ashley Gracia: Genius in Love Season 3?

Can we expect for Ashley Gracia Genius in Love Season 3

The exceptional teen genius Ashley Gracia who is a 15 years old scientist will unfortunately not be returning back for a season 3. The season 1 of the show was launched on February 2020. It was shortly followed by season 2 of Ashley Gracia in July 2020. But soon after the release of the second season fans started expecting for season 3 of the show. It was then officially confirmed by the streaming platform of Netflix that the show won’t be returning back for the next season.

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However, alongside this we also have joyful news to share. Although the show won’t be returning again for season 3 there is going to be a Christmas special. The special episode has already been produced and filmed. Therefore, the episode is likely going to be released later this year which is going to give a satisfactory conclusion to the entire show.

What is Ashley Gracia: Genius in Love all about?

The show revolves around a 15 and a half years old talented teenager name Ashley Gracia. She is the world’s one and only youngest scientist who specializes in rockets and robotic engineering. Owing to her marvelous personality and sheer talent she gets the opportunity to work for a prestigious company. This involves her moving across the country where has to stay with her uncle who has a very bubbly and fun loving personality. He is also a pro football player however, he has difficult time in handling responsibility. The show has a very warm light hearted energy which can be enjoyed by all. The teenage comedy drama has been a huge success and able to win the heart of the fans.

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Who are there in Ashley Gracia: Genius in Love?

The show which has been created by Mario Lopez and Seth Kurland stars a number of actors. This involves Paulina Chávez as Ashley Gracia, Conor Husting as Tad Cameron, Bella Podaras as Brooke Bishop, Reed Horstmann as Stick Goldstein, and Jencarlos Canela as Victor Garcia. There are other supporting actors too who had significant roles in the show.