American God Season 3 Catch the latest updates, plot, release date, cast and much more
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American God which was first premiered on April 30, 2017 is an American television drama series of the fantasy genre. The series based on Neil Gaiman’s 2001 novel whose name is similar to that of the series. It was later adopted by Bryan Fuller and Michael Green who filmed the book turning it into a series premiering it on cable network Starz. Star network which released two seasons of the American Gods dealing with the old gods and the new ones in an ongoing battle has been a disappointment for the viewers. The season 2 lacked the thrill and failed to succeed the expectations of the viewers and seemed to be a vague approach. Yet the curiosity of the viewers didn’t cease and they are waiting for the next season with shrilling excitement.

What can be the expected date for the release of American Gods Season 3?

What can be the expected date for the release of American Gods Season 3
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It has been under the speculations that American God season 3 is another awaiting series which in spite of failing to have a huge impact on its viewers with its previous season however, the shrill of the upcoming season is massive. We can expect the Amazon Original series to hit the screens by this year utmost by the end of 2020. The release date is yet to be decided however, the global pandemic might have a significant role in the delay of this awaited series.

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What will the cast comprise of?

The cast of American Gods season 3 is expected to give us the opportunity to see our familiar favorite characters including few of the male and female protagonist such as  Ricky Whittle who is seen to play the role of  Shadow Moon, Emily Browning our favorite Laura Moon, Yetide Badaki who plays as  Bilquis, Bruce Langley as a technical boy, Omid Abtahi as Salim the nervous unhappy businessman, Demore Barnes as Mr. Ibis playing as one of the Old Gods, Ian McShane as Mr. Wednesday the powerful leader of the Old Gods raging for a war against the new gods, Asley Reyes as Cordelia and many other supporting actors.

The expected plotline of the season 3

The entire series of the American Gods is an adaptation from Gaiman’s written novel of 2001. It’s an unfortunate event that the reviews of the season 2 haven’t been up to the mark because of the lack of substantial matter that was highlighted in that particular season. It can be highly assumed that a lot of changes can take place in the upcoming season to gain back the attention and interest of the viewers. The show makers are yet to confirm any such critical details regarding the upcoming season leaving no hinge of excitement. The aura of this uncertain air has compelled the fans to bring out several theories.  Season 3 will possibly start from where it has been left in the previous season bringing about several modification to the plot. The Shadow Moon who is hiding at New Gods has transformed his foundation into lakeside in Wisconsin and to hide his old personality has taken up a new title for himself. It can be expected that the upcoming series will unleash the dawning purpose of this Shadow Moon.

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What is the series all about?

American god is a glorious series which deals with the conjunction of perfect fantasy blended with a pinch of reality based on the immigrants of native America over the past thousands of years who have bought their pristine gods with them. Now those old gods are fighting back against the newer gods which here refers to media, a technology that threatens to destroy them forever.  Shadow Moon who is presently stuck between the wars of the Old and the New Gods has been thrown right in the middle of this boiling rage. It is then, that the leader of Knowledge who is also the leader of the Old Gods Mr. Wednesday hires him. The series catches up its pace with this sequence unleashing several heart gasping moments.