AFTER LIFE SEASON 3: Netflix is coming up with another season? Get the latest updates, Cast, Release date, Plot and much more.

AFTER LIFE SEASON 3 Netflix is coming up with another season Get the latest updates, Cast, Release date, Plot and much more.
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Netflix’s original dark comedy series After life which was aired first in March 2019 came with its second season this year on April 24, 2020. No sooner did the second season was released the series became a constant hit making it No 1 most viewed series. Immediately within the span of two weeks after the show was released Netflix gave the official confirmation for the third season of the sequel. The project has already been stared and to add further excitement to the series the first draft of the series has already been passed. The series which features Ricky Gervais plays the role of Tony who has suffered from major losses in his life with the passing of his wife and now finally finds a new purpose in his life.

What can be the expected release date of After Life Season 3

What can be the expected release date of After Life Season 3
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The series which has already got its a green light from Netflix within a shorter span of time than what was expected it can be expected that the series will be releasing very soon. The filming of the film which has been due to start is going to begin from September, the stakes are very high that it follows it’s annual routine and the series will get released on April 2021. However, based on the presumption this can be said till now no official statement has been made by Netflix on the release date.

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The cast of the After Life Season 3

No official trailer has been out till now, however, we can expect to see a number of our favorite similar faces from the previous seasons which includes the lead role played by Ricky Gervais as Tony with Penelope Wilton as Anne, Ashley Jensen as Emma, Tom Basden as Matt, Tony Way as Lenny, David Earl as Brian, Joe Wilkinson as Pat, Mandeep Dhillon as Sandy, Jo Hartley as June, Roisin Conaty as Roxy, Diane Morgan as Kath and finally Etham Lawrence as James. There are also going to be other supporting actors in the upcoming series. New faces with new exciting roles can also be expected.

What to expect from season 3?

Season 3 is possibly going to be a continuation of season 2. The season 2 which ended rather pretty ambiguously didn’t solve the mystery which has been hanging around in the air. Before getting into what is going to happen in season 3 let’s have walk down through the memory lane. During the talent show of the town, Tony seems to have been recovering slowly with the passage of every single day from his loss of passing away of his wife. However, in this process, he also faces another major loss of his father who has been suffering from Dementia in the hospital. There can be going to be a formal funeral in the upcoming season. However, meanwhile, of this catastrophe, Matt’s marriage has been taking up a good pace however the question lies will it last forever and for how long? The plot may also continue with the recovery of the newspaper where Tony has promised Sandy that the company won’t shut off and the newspapers will continue which gives him the fuel for another purpose in life. We also have to wait and watch how Tony copes up with this relation with Emma and whether it will get blossomed or not. The number of questions has been unanswered which will hopefully be cleared in the upcoming season.