3% Season 5: Netflix has canceled the show now. Get all the updates here.

3% Season 5 Netflix has canceled the show now. Get all the updates here.
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Brazilian Netflix thriller web series 3% has been converted to a franchise. The show has four seasons as of now. After being a major success among the masses the demand for season 5 is also natural. However, the fourth season is going to be the last season of the show as according to Portuguese website Natelinha. The show is based on a utopian society and has a plotline which is different from the usual plots of thrilling adventure.

Is there going to be 3% Season 5?

Is there going to be 3% Season 5

TV Series Finale

Show creator Pedro Aguilera came up with the show 3% initially in 2011. There were three short pilot episodes which were filmed by the creator and was posted on YouTube. After five Netflix offered to take the show and launch it on it’s own platform. Since then 3% became the first Brazilian Netflix show.

However, the show has finally come to an end after the fourth season. The show which was up by Netflix has now been confirmed that it won’t be returning back for the fifth season. It is difficult for us to bear this news. We are extremely sorry to inform this news to you.

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What is 3% all about?

The show is about the survival strategies of a group of 20 years. These individuals are competing against each other in order to survive. They are competing to be the percentage of the 3% who will get the opportunity to leave this infertile impoverished land. Those who will make it to the 3% will be able to travel to a distant society far away from the sufferings.

The thriller show has been a spectacular hit and has been one of the most watched show of Netflix. The unique concept of the show has been appreciated greatly. The expectations for having a season 5 was high but due to unavoidable circumstances the show had to be cancelled.

Characters and cast of 3%

Some of the characters who played a major roles in the show are Bianca Comparato as Michele, Rodolfo Valente as Rafael, Vaneza Oliveria as Joana, Cynthia Senek as Gloria, Michel Gomes as Fernando, Rafael Lozano as Marco, Bruno Fagundes as Andre, Mel Fronckowiak as Julia and others.

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