12 sure signs that prove Travis Scott is not Kylie Jenner’s baby daddy – You won’t believe it was planned all along (With Pics)

Kylie Jenner’s baby daddy: After months of speculation, Kylie Jenner finally announced that she had indeed welcomed a baby girl at the beginning of February. For over six months, the reality star avoided the paparazzi and slowly but surely disappeared from the Internet, fuelling the baby buzz. And alas, baby Stormi Webster is here. Though we officially know the name and gender of Kylie’s baby, the drama surrounding her pregnancy sure hasn’t died down. Specifically, fans are still curious to know who is the real father of Stormi. Kylie has remained silent on the subject of Stormi’s paternity since the rumours started flying. She only began dating her current BF, Travis Scott, a month after separating from her beau of 3-years, Tyga.
Thus, tons of fans have been wondering if there’s a chance that Stormi is Tyga’s. Given that Kylie gave Stormi Travis’ last name (it’s actually Webster- Scott is his stage name), many fans have resolved that he must be her baby daddy. But there are some of us who still aren’t convinced that Travis is the daddy. Check out these signs that prove Stormi’s dad might be someone else (hint: Tyga). Who do you think is Kylie’s baby daddy?

So far, Kylie has only released one official picture of her baby girl. But it didn’t take long for fans to begin pointing out that Stormi doesn’t look a lot like her dad. Some fans accused Stormi of looking too light skinned in the pic Kylie posted to her Instagram, which showed the baby’s hand wrapped around her own. It sounds like some fans expected Stormi to have darker features. “She definitely can’t be Travis baby,” one fan commented on the pic. “This ain’t a black guys’ kid,” another one of Kylie’s followers wrote. However, some fans argued against this, saying that of course Stormi wouldn’t have her dad’s exact skin tone since she’s biracial. Others said that it’s hard to tell what Stormi looks like at all based on one photograph. Still, there remain a legion of fans who are convinced that Stormi looks nothing like Travis, and thus she mustn’t be his daughter.

Her Ex BF Tyga Thinks It’s His

The whole world is aware of the weird love triangle that led up to Kylie getting pregnant. This time last year, Kylie was still with her long-time boyfriend Tyga. But within a month of the couple officially calling it quits in April, Kylie was already photographed romancing Travis. Media outlets say there would have been less than a one month window that Kylie waited before getting with her new boyfriend. Thus, tons of people think it’s plausible baby Stormi could be Tyga’s… including him! When the pregnancy rumours first broke, Tyga posted (then quickly deleted) a Snapchat that said, “Nah that’s my kid.” Many fans took this as Tyga insinuating that he was actually Kylie’s baby daddy. Since then, the rapper has been pretty quiet on social media about Kylie’s pregnancy, which must mean he’s given up hope that Stormi is his… right?


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