Conservatives would be worse off if Theresa May stays as leader

Most Britons think the Conservative Party will be worse off if Theresa May remains as leader, an exclusive Sky Data poll reveals.

Some 45% of the public think it would be a bad thing for the Tories if they go into the next general election with Mrs May still as leader.

Meanwhile, 28% thought it would be a good thing – and the remainder thought it would make no difference or did not know.

The Prime Minister is seen as a particular drag on the Conservatives’ popularity by young voters, who typically oppose Brexit. They turned out in greater numbers than many pundits expected for Jeremy Corbyn in the general election earlier this year.

Those aged 18-34 see her as more of a hindrance than a help for her party by 60% to 16%. People aged 35-54 think she does more bad than good for the Conservatives by 41% to 29%, while people aged 55 and over are equally split, with 37% saying she is good for the party, 36% bad.

This comes as Mrs May told Sky News she wants to fight the next general election as leader of the Conservative Party.

Some 17% of Britons say Theresa May resigning would make them more likely to vote for the Tories, while nine percent say it would make them less likely to do so.

Almost two thirds – 64% – say it would make no difference.

Young people, the least likely group to vote Conservative in the first place, are most likely to say it would make no difference (69%) – indicating that problems for the Tories are not limited to Mrs May’s personal brand among this group.

Older people are most likely to say they would be more likely to vote Tory if Mrs May resigned – 23% of those aged 55 and older say they would be more likely, with 7% saying they would be less likely and 56% saying it would make no difference.

The results suggest Mrs May standing down before the next election may not attract young voters among whom the Conservative Party appears again to be a toxic brand, but could hold more appeal to older voters put off by the Prime Minister’s manifesto pledges around pensions and social care.

Sky Data interviewed a nationally representative sample of 1,024 Sky customers via SMS on 30 August 2017. Data are weighted to the profile of the population.

Source: skynews

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